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Introducing Leash Pressure

This is the foundation for the rest of training!

I am going to break down what leash pressure is, why its important, and how we are going to use it!

What is leash pressure?
Leash pressure is the sensation a dog feels when either dog or person pulls on the leash, dogs will either ignore it at first or alter what they are doing to get it to go away.

Why is leash pressure important?
It is a consistent way we can communicate with our dogs, think of it as a language unique to training or a translator between dog and human. It is a form of communication that has to be learned both by dog and owner in order for it to be beneficial in the long run! Leash pressure is quick to pick up on and will be used to teach further behaviors such as sit, down, place, recall, leave it, heel, loose leash walking, and so much more!

We will use leash pressure in several ways. In the beginning we will use it as a form of teaching to help guide your dog into the behavior we want, this is called shaping. We will also be using leash pressure to enforce voice commands by following the rule of one but we will get into that later!

I will show you how to use leash pressure correctly and will answer any concerns you may have about it!

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