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Our K-9 Buddies are our top priority, and keeping owners happy and healthy is a part of that. Our cleaning efforts have always been top notch and we will continue to maintain a clean kennel and training environment, as well as cleaning door knobs, having hand sanitizer, and soap available to clients who come in!

At this time we are open for business with a few modifications. Private lessons at this time will be postponed and are currently looking into alternative ways to offer lessons for the duration of the quarantine period. This excludes Behavior Modification.

We will still be offering Boarding, TrainCare and Board and Train programs at this time with scheduled drop off and pick up.

Can dogs catch COVID-19?

In short, no they can't but it's possible they can spread it.

According to the World Health Organization dogs do not appear to be at risk to contract or carry COVID-19.

Here is a link to an AKC article with more information on Coronavirus and pets.

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