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Why is training important?

Dog training is an important part of every owner and dog relationship. Training helps establish Communication, boundaries, trust, and mental stimulation. Training also teaches our dogs what behaviors we do and don't like.


This is one of the most important things about any relationship, including the ones we have with our dogs. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that dogs don't speak people they speak dog. They are not verbal but visual communicators, they speak through body language when we speak through talking. So think of training as a language of its own, one that's between you and your dog. This communication creates clear expectations between you which can eliminate frustration caused by misunderstandings or unwanted behaviors.


This goes hand in hand with communication and just like with our people relationships we need to establish boundaries with our dogs. Examples of boundaries would be your dog knowing not to jump on you, stick their nose in your dinner, or knowing they are only allowed in the bed when invited. It is through training (our form of communication) that these ground rules are set.


With clear communication and boundaries you start to build trust. Your dog knows the rules and you know it to, so you take your dog to pet friendly stores and restaurants, off leash at the hiking trails or lake, you know that when you ask something of them that they'll do it.


This one is exactly what it sounds like, stimulating the mind. Training makes dogs think, which in turn makes them calm and tired. This is great especially for high energy dogs that can play fetch for 3 hrs. straight!

Training is our way of teaching basic manners and obedience. We teach our dogs to walk nicely on leash, not to jump or pull towards new people and dogs, being calm in a kennel, how to sit and lay, and coming when called, but also to establish boundaries and trust. Through training you know what to expect out of your dog and they know what to expect from you and those are just some of the reasons training is important.

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