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Training Services

Whether you are just looking for Leash Manners, Behavioral Training or something in between. We have a program that will fit you and your dog's needs. Each client will get a custom approach as no two people or dogs learn the same. We have a few options to choose from in order for training to fit your life style! We only take up to 4 board and train/train care dogs at a time so there may be a waitlist for the next available training spot.


Board & Train

Buddy Basics - $1,600

This is a 3-week program for dogs 6 months and older that teaches on-leash obedience and house manners. The program includes 1 facility go-home lesson, 4 in-home lessons, Mendota pro trainer slip collar and a 4 legs 4 pets place cot . 

If additional lessons are needed they will be $60/Lesson 

Behavioral Modification - (cost varies on training needs)

Behavioral training is for any dogs experiencing severe separation anxiety, fear/anxiety based reactivity, dog aggression, human aggression, barrier/leash frustration, extreme fear or low confidence. Often times behavioral training starts at home with lessons but depending on the severity of your dogs behavior starting with a board and train may be the way to go. Often times for behavioral training we will mix things up to make sure we do what is best for your dog. Scheduling a consultation is the best way to start behavior training. 

Buddy's Off-Leash (E-Collar Only) - $2,500

5-week program designed to teach your dog off-leash behaviors. This program does utilize E-Collar to ensure that you will have a way to communicate with your pet. The E-Collar we use is the miniEducator and it's included in the program, also included is 1 facility go home lesson, 1 follow up facility lesson, 2 In-home follow up lessons, 1 week of Review Training.

This service is perfect for the outdoorsey owner who likes to go hiking and exploring with their pet.

Private Lessons


lessons can be between 45 minutes to an Hour each. This is a great option for training if you want to be fully involved in the training process. Lessons are designed to where your pup will get hands on training from the trainer as well as you! This way you can learn through seeing and doing. Lessons are best if spaced once a week.

If additional lessons are required after a board and train program they will be $60/lesson

Puppy TrainCare

The program is 15 days of Daycare with Training - $975

Monday-Friday for 4 weeks. Drop-off between 8-10 am Pick-up between 5-6 pm. Days can be split to a minimum of 3 days/week. 


This program is for puppies 12 weeks(fully vaccinated) to 10 months of age. This program teaches basic leash manners through shaping and capturing, puppy socialization, and house manners such as redirecting mouthing and chewing, jumping, and reaching potty training goals.

Request a Consultation

A consultation is the first step to any of our training programs. It is the perfect opportunity to see if Buddy's Place is the right fit for you and your dog. Consultations are also the perfect time for us to get an idea of what your training needs are and set up a game plan and program that would fit you best! 

If you are ready to set up a consultation please fill out the contact form below!


If you have other general questions you would like to ask us please click here!

Contact Training

Thanks for submitting! We have had a high volume of inquiries and are doing our best to get to them as timely as possible. If you need a quicker response please give us a call or text at 979-324-1914

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