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What Our Buddies are Saying!


Krystal & Panda

Board n Train

My pet Panda is a high active dog a.k.a. Border Collie. She is 1 yr 3 months old, My Family and I had her since 6 weeks old. She started some bad behaviors even after recieving training from another professional. Jumping, Barking, and Growling at other people and dogs. I could no longer walk her, it became dangerous for me since I'm pregnant. We were sad that we may have to rehome her if it did not stop. After having her @ Buddy's Place for training for 3 weeks she is a completly different dog. I am able to walk her on my own, she is not jumping anymore an listens to commands from my whole family. My kids love to play noww that she is tamer. I have a loving dog now that I didn't have before just in the few weeks  with Sarah. I can't thank her enough for all she has done. She does not just let you go after traning she continues to educateyou, give you tips if something new comes up and checks on Panda's progress. This is morethan i recieved aat Panda's previous training where I couldn't get help after we were done with training unless I wanted to pay for another lesson.


Shireen and Trip

Play n Train

We have been through another local group class with our pup and it was great, but his good behavior in class did not always translate into a good behavior at home. Because the majority of Sarah's training services are provided in her home, this has helped the training really stick for our dog. Also, since Sarah has her own dogs at home, she was in the unique position to be able to help observe and correct our pup's inappropriate play while teaching him proper boundaries, which was our main concern when seeking individual training. Regular field trip outings also allowed him to practice his skills in public, which has been a real confidence booster for him.

Originally I was a bit taken aback by the prices listed on her website, but in the end, it was worth every penny. The one-on-one training she did with him has worked wonders, and we loved the idea of him getting to hang with her and her family (dogs and humans) when he wasn't learning. We plan to continue using Sarah's doggie daycare and boarding services.


Kathy & Brady

Play n Train

Brady has only been working with Buddy's a little over a week and a half and the difference in Brady's behavior is remarkable. He is a pleasure to walk with, take for a ride, and socialize with people as well as animals. They all work with love, patience, and consistence, and correct the incorrect behaviors spot on. It is a joy to watch them work with the dogs and the bond they have to help dogs learn/behave. Brady looks forward to going to Buddy's!!


Julietta & Io

Play n Train

COMPLETELY HONEST REVIEW!!!! If you are contemplating which dog school to take your furry baby to. STOP! you have found the place! The owner of Buddy's Place is very knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful person in our furry baby's life!

If you still have doubts, let me put it to you this way. Our puppy is a Husky. Their reputation proceeds them for being mischievous, stubborn, and un-trainable. Well Sarah did the impossible. Our Husky is one of the best dogs out there. She has achieved 2 AKC certifications and she keeps learning.


YOU MUST GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   


Justis & Loki

Private Lessons & Boarding

I would highly recommend Sarah to train your pups! She is great with all dogs,  big and small! She has helped ,me with my Pibble. Loki, on many occasions. 


Jan & Quinn

Private Lessons

Offerings, timeliness, customer service, quality.

Thank you for helping Quinn and I! You are professional, friendly and gifted!


Io Le, Husky

Play n Train & Review Training


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